EME on 70mhz, is it possible?  Interested in giving it a go? Then please email me...!  
  On Tuesday the 17th of January, 2006 both myself (GD0TEP) and Robert  (GD4GNH) decided to try and find out just was possible with WSJT in JT65 mode, ECHO testing on the 70mhz band (4m)  
  What follows here is what we've found, plus a brief description of equipment used.  
  One point that must be made absolutely clear is that the UK legal power limit for the 4m band is just 160 watts. Thus the following tests were carried out within those constraints.  
  Those who are familiar with WSJT will recognise the screen shot above. Here it can be seen that we are receiving an echo off the moon on moon rise. Although not very clear here, the signal ranges from -29db to -30db, with a Q of 5 to 6. This test was carried out using 160w to TWO eight element long boom Eagle yagis vertically stacked about 16 to 18 feet apart with the bottom antenna about 40 foot above ground. TX feeder is LDF4-50 and RX is RG213. The HF drive radio is the Icom 756pro driving a Spectrum Communications transverter. As both Robert and I were amazed at the results at 160w, we carried out another test, shown here:  
  The test above shows an echo off the moon, this time the power was 80w !!

Obviously the two yagis are providing considerable gain, and, the added advantage of the site located at IO74QD is the superb ground gain that must clearly playing a part in these tests.

  So, what is next..? Well, I am actively seeking another suitably equipped station (circa 150w and enough antenna gain) to try two way tests, be it a complete QSO, or just receiving tests.  
  If you are interested, please get in touch!  
























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