My JT44 and JT65 ECHO tests.

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This screen dump is from the 25th of June, 2003 at 02:14. This, and some of the others are when I've carried out skeds with Bob, ZL3TY. Each time I've tried with Bob I've struggled to hear anything from him at all, although I am starting to wonder if my main lobe from the antenna system is higher than I thought it was. The moon position here is at Az: 75 and El: 5.6 If I remember right, unfortunately, this elevation is to high to catch Bobs moon set.
Here's another shot taken on the following day, once again I had been trying with Bob on 6m with JT44. This time my echos are better than the day before with the moon in about the same place.
This time I was on, yet my sked partner wasn't on due to weather problems, something that we all have to contend with at some point in time. The 3rd of October, 2003 at 22:00. The moon was at Az:215 and El:2.2, This is perhaps a better direction for me as looking this way I can see the ocean as the horizon.
Another try with Bob, it would appear that conditions weren't with us that night either. October the 14th at 19.47. Az:57 and El:5.7 Not as good as previous attempts.


14th of December, 2003. Moon at Az:72.3 and El:6.2. Perhaps the poorest of my echos so far.

Another try for echos on the same day, but one minute later.
Here I'm listening for KR7O when he was trying to work a station from SP. The screen shows an echo test, and as you can see, there's nothing coming back, I guess an elevation of almost 16 degrees is still to high for my antenna system when in that direction.
Same day, but 10 minutes later. Still listening to the sked between KR7O and SP, the screen shows what I assume is an signal from the SP as the time indicates that KR7O would be transmitting. Although there's a good signal being received by the display, the text decoded, although grouped as two calls and a grid square, don't provide anything useful.

Still the 28th of December, but over an hour later. I'd tried to work KR7O but I think his optimal window for his antenna system didn't match mine. By the time I had good moon, Roberts moon was over 20 degrees high. Anyway, echo testing once again provided me with what looks like a good return with a Q reaching 8 over a period of 10 echo tries.